Overcoming Fear

When you first start to learn handstands, you can be scared, nervous, or cautious.   Those are all normal things. If you have never done gymnastics, yoga, or break dancing before, this is a whole new thing for you. You may be nervous because you have never been upside down before, and if you have it has probably been on a roller coaster of some sort. In your head handstands are a rare form, and only weird people do them. You may think only crazy people can do a handstand, but that’s not true. Everyone can learn a handstand. Most of the time people don’t want to learn handstand because they are scared. They are scared of holding up their own weight. They may feel they are not strong enough to hold up their own weight, but if that’s the case then that can all be learned. There are many baby steps to learning handstand, which you could take. But first you need to trust yourself and be positive, even when your mind is being negative. Try to push the negative thoughts out with the positive. Having positive thoughts and a positive attitude is a great start when learning a handstand.


Right now hacking gravity is working on a handstand course for beginners to advanced handstanders. If you are a beginner we will help you learn everything you need to know about handstand, so you can get started on your own. In you are an intermediate handstander body positions and balancing will be reviewed, so you can refresh your mind and body the right way to do a handstand. If you are an advanced handstander this course will be very good for you to review the proper body positions and strength exercises, to get you ready for one arms or even press handstand.

First start with your flexibility, this can be crucial to your success in your handstand practice. In the mean while keep working on your positivity and strength exercises. If you don’t know of any, read some of our other blogs posts to get an idea. We will continue updating you on strength and flexibility exercises, to get you ready to progress in your handstand. Our team is looking forward to working with each and every one of you.


Special rates will be available to the handstand course for early registrants, this will help us improve the experience and get valuable feedback. Sign up for our newsletter to get all the info.

Keep hacking!

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