Fascia and it’s importance in Handstands

Fascia is connective tissue.

This substance acts throughout our bodies to lubricate muscles to slide over each other while you move through ranges of motion.

As in the instance of a handstand your shoulder must move around to allow for the arm to position itself in the joint so that you can stabilize and balance while overhead.

Fascia looks and acts as hydrated spiderwebs inside of the body. Thoracolumbar_fascia

When dehydrates or overworked, these “spiderwebs” or fascial lines will have the tendency to stick together and inhibit your range of motion.

When teaching gymnastics I noticed a small amount of work on the fascia of my students would have drastic improvements in their overhead mobility.

I recommend Foam Rollers because these will allow you to find improvement through self myofascial release. Rumble rollers are particularly my favorite because the little knobs can pull on the fascial adhesions and effectively loosen up your body to prep you for handstand work.

You can find them on AMAZON, they constantly have sales and rumble rollers for discount prices.

Hope this helps!